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cover of Compassion, Michigan by Raymond LuczakBooks rarely surprise me, but this one definitely did. I expected some little hokey story about living in Michigan, but Compassion, Michigan: The Ironwood Stories by Raymond Luczak is surprisingly rich, insightful, and beautifully written, something I’d gladly have read in a college literature class.The book as a whole is a collection of short stories centered on one region of Michigan in the upper peninsula.

The atmosphere in the stories has the gritty feel of a Michigan town and a Midwest mindset, with a sense of itself and understanding of people and place that is truly a joy to read.

All the characters and stories have distinct voices and tones, so it’s not just a thinly veiled version of the author’s experiences, but rather a panoply of voices and stories.

As I said, few books surprise me, but this one genuinely did, in its depth, breadth, and quality. I’m far from an expert on Michigan authors, but I would argue for this one to be among the best, easily fitting in with Hemingway’s early The Nick Adams Stories, which take place in Michigan.

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Dos Idiomas, One Me

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Dos Idiomas, One Me is the story of a young girl who feels torn between two languages. At home, she speaks Spanish, at school, she speaks English, and she finds herself resenting the fact that she has to translate her thoughts and feelings. Then, she realizes that being bilingual is a gift. She begins to have fun navigating the space of inclusivity and starts to relish the role of teacher and translator.

By equally incorporating Spanish and English, Dos Idiomas, One Me promotes biliteracy. As young readers see their experiences reflected in the story of another dual-language speaker, they can feel encouraged to embrace all aspects of themselves

“A charming book depicting bicultural identity. Maggy Williams takes the reader into the struggle and joy a child experiences while not feeling ni de aquí, ni de allá, and yet from both sides.” – Anel Duarte, artist and poet

“Such a unique, inspiring story that captures the heart within seconds of reading! A powerful, dynamic rendition of what it means to be a bilingual child. Every family should read it!” – Sabrina Suarez, artist, advocate, and community leader

“Esta pequeña historia guarda un gran tesoro. Para todos los niños que tienen la gran oportunidad y capacidad de aprender dos o más idiomas a la vez, de una forma natural. Que puedan apreciar y sentir la fortuna de ser completamente bilingües desde una edad temprana. Una ventaja con la que contarán el resto de sus vidas y que podrá ser de gran ayuda para ellos mismos y muchos otros a su alrededor. Un lindo recurso para todos los padres que quieren enseñar a sus hijos la riqueza de formar parte en varias culturas a la vez.” – Irma Erichsen, author and artist

Dos Idiomas, One Me illustriously guides young readers and their grownups towards understanding that differences make us unique and special. Beautifully written!” – AnnaMarie Jones, co-creator of the Demystifying Diversity Podcast.

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