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Modern History Press announces:
The Reflections of America Series

"This series highlights autobiography, fiction, and poetry which express the quest to discover one's context within modern society."

Blue Earth
A Novel

More Confessions of a Trauma Junkie
My Life as a Nurse Paramedic

A Tale of Dissociation

Padman: A Dad's Guide to Buying...Those and Other Tales

Soul Clothes

Tales of Addiction
and Inspiration for Recovery


by Shaila Abdullah

Confessions of a Trauma Junkie
My Life as a Nurse Paramedic

Love Each Day
Live each day so you would want to live it again

My Dirty Little Secrets
Steroids, Alcohol, and God
The Tony Mandarich Story

The Stories of

by Anya Achtenberg

How to Write
a Suicide Note

serial essays that
saved a woman's life

by Sherry Quan Lee


by Sherry Quan Lee
"Literature that is not the breath of contemporary society, that dares not transmit the pains and fears of that society, that does not warn in time against threatening moral and social dangers--such literature does not deserve the name of literature; it is only a fašade. Such literature loses the confidence of its own people, and its published works are used as wastepaper instead of being read."
-Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008)

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