Reader Views reviews Points North by Mikel Classen

Points North by MIkel B. Classen

Mikel B. Classen Modern History Press (2019) ISBN 9781615994908 Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views (04/2020) Mikel B. Classen is an explorer and adventurist specializing in exploring many places in the United States, with a specialty of visiting locales in the Michigan Upper Peninsula area. He’s visited ghost…

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ReaderViews reviews Are You Rugged?

Rugged Dude Carson Modern History Press (2019) ISBN 9781615994533 Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (04/2020) “Are You Rugged or Unrugged?” by Rugged Dude Carson is a humorous book which includes scenarios in which you are judged as either rugged or unrugged (according to Rugged Dude Carson). Examples of…

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