Creating a Local Historical Book: Fiction and Non-Fiction Genres

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Does Your City or Region Have a Fascinating Story that needs to be told before it's forgotten?

Yes, it does, and you can be the person to write it!

In this short text, Tyler Tichelaar, author of My Marquette and The Marquette Trilogy, talks in a
conversational format about how he became interested in writing both local history and regional and historical
fiction and his research and writing process to bring his books to fruition.

Readers of "Creating a Local Historical Book" will learn:

  • What kind of research is required
  • What counts as research
  • Where to do research
  • How to organize that research into a book
  • How not to go overboard with details
  • Finding images and gaining usage permission
  • How to make your book stand out from others
  • Tips on marketing your history book

    Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D. and seventh generation Marquette resident, was raised on tales of his hometown's past. His other interests include literary studies ranging from King Arthur to Gothic texts. He is also a professional editor and
    writing coach who has guided dozens of authors through the treacherous seas of composition.

    "Our committee would like to honor Tyler with this award in honor of his meticulous research, his enlightened and personal testimony about Marquette and his educational contributions to the preservation of Marquette's history."

    --The Marquette Beautification & Restoration Committee,
    presenting Tyler with the Barbara H. Kelly Historic Preservation Award

    "Tyler Tichelaar speaks from the heart about his love affair with the town of his birth. Join him on a nostalgic tour of one of the great small cities of America."

    --Karl Bohnak, author of So Cold a Sky: Upper Michigan Weather Stories

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