The "Oh, MY" in Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy: How to Prepare Your Child for Surgery

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UPC: 978-1-932690-74-3
Brand: Loving Healing Press
This book helps parents understand and organize
the necessary medical and emotional components that
accompany their child's surgery. In an easy to follow
timeline for events prior to and following a tonsillectomy
or adenoidectomy, the author provides reassuring
and accurate guidance that eases the process for the
patient and family.
  • Get the facts about tonsils and adenoids in simple terms
  • Reduce your own anxiety about surgery
  • Learn how to support your child through the medical and emotional events
    surrounding the procedure
  • Take away the mystery regarding what to say to your child
  • Discover the sequence of events leading up to surgery and how to prepare for
  • Find out what you need to have at home while your child recuperates
  • Become confident in knowing that you have maximized your child's comfort
    and adjustment during the weeks surrounding surgery

    Professionals and Parents Praise Laurie Zelinger's Book

    "In over 40 years as a practicing Pediatrician, this is the most practical, down to
    earth and informative approach to the impending parent-child-hospital experience with
    a T&A that has come to my attention." --Philip S. Steinfeld, MD, FAAP

    "My son's recovery period was enhanced by advice from the manual, and thanks
    to Dr. Laurie, the bonding experience it created almost cancelled out the discomfort. He
    is now a strep-free, healthy boy!" -- Rachayle Salzberg (parent)

    "...a valuable guide for parents intending to provide emotional preparation and
    support to a child about to undergo a surgical procedure." --Richard H. Wexler, PhD
    President, New York State Psychological Association (2008)

    Book #4 in the Growing With Love Series from

    Loving Healing Press
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