What Do You Use To Help Your Body?: Maggie Explores the World of Disabilities

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Who are the people with disabilities in your neighborhood?
Maggie and Momma love going for walks. During every outing, Maggie learns about
something new. Today's no different! Momma has arranged for Maggie to meet lots
of people in her neighborhood. They all have different jobs. They all come from different
cultures. They all use different things to help their bodies. Maggie doesn't just stop
to chit-chat. Rather, she gets to the bottom of things. By asking the right question, she
discovers how many people with disabilities use aids to help them out. Let's find out
how they work, too!

  • Children will learn that disabilities occur in every culture
  • Parents and teachers can accurately explain how various disability aids work
  • Children will realize that working with a disability is a possibility for some
  • Therapists can use this book as a motivational tool for patients with disabilities
  • Kids can satisfy their curiosity about disability aids in an unimposing manner

    Therapists' Acclaim:

    "This book is just right for a preschooler or young elementary
    aged child who needs a simple introductory explanation
    about disabilities and accommodations. It's characters
    experience varied limitations and are represented by
    culturally diverse people in the neighborhood. The book
    is short, matter of fact, colorful and to the point."

    --Laurie Zelinger, PhD,author of Please Explain Anxiety to Me

    "Perception of a disability is life-shaping for those who
    are 'differently able'. it is imperative that they have assistive
    devices to help them lead normal lives and be
    perceived as 'normal'. i.e. differently able. Your book
    shows people living their normal lives with assistive devices
    which is the way it should be Thanks for your great
    contribution to the positive perception of people who are
    differently abled."

    --N.Siddiq, B.Sc., M.D., CBC freelance broadcast journalist

    "This book is a great resource for parents, teachers and
    other childhood educators to help teach children about
    living with a disability. It offers important lessons in tolerance,
    compassion and dignity."

    --Mary Lynne Stewart, Director of Fund Development and Communications, March of Dimes Canada

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    From the Growing With Love Series at Loving Healing Press

    JUV039150 Juvenile Fiction : Social Issues - Special Needs

    SOC029000 Social Science : Handicapped

    EDU026040 Education : Special Education - Physical Disabilities
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