Inspiring Lives Magazine with Helen Ross Lee

Inspiring Lives Magazine features Helen Ross Lee for the November 2020 issue, click on the image below

The Truth is Often Stranger than Fiction

Helen has always been a Nurse at heart. She had worked at Pindara Private Hospital on the Gold Coast, since 1992, in the Accident and Emergency Department.

Helen Ross had been a highly successful female competition hang glider pilot in 1996 but she retired from flying altogether in order to focus on her small family.

Ten years later, when her two children were 7 and 9 years of age, she attempted to re-enter the sport, without having completed the required level of training.

On her 2nd launch, an accident occurred, leaving her unconscious and with what turned out to be an “extremely severe traumatic brain injury”.

Helen recalls, “While I was an inpatient, not one member of the Acute Care Medical Team caring for me, mentioned to me that Neuroplasticity was a scientifically verifiable fact.”

What she discovered seemed unbelievable…miraculous!

Miracle … no. But, miraculous … yes!

All it took was hard work. But Helen had always been a hard worker.

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