Gary Roen reviews “The Sideroad Kids”


“The SideRoad Kids” is a wonderful collection of stories for all ages to enjoy. The year is 1957 in a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where things are very quiet until the some children in the area have a series of adventures that include a Christmas play, some newborn kittens, and a snowball fight. The tales stand alone but can be read in order as well for perfect reading enjoyment of a very different time in the country. “The Side Road Kids” is a great stocking-stuffer for Christmas.

Gary Roen
Senior Reviewer

The Side Road Kids: Tales From Chippewa County
Sharon M. Kennedy
Modern History Press
97816159960632, $18.95 pbk, $3.95 Kindle

SHARON M. KENNEDY resides on the land of her youth near the country town of Brimley in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. She’s surrounded by childhood memories and a way of life that is no more. Instead of relying on intricate plots and schemes, her stories are driven by the characters and their interactions with each other, their teachers, and their parents. The authenticity and innocence of the kids will remind adults of days gone by. Ms. Kennedy writes a weekly newspaper column for The Sault News and the Cheboygan Tribune. She authored Life in a Tin Can, a random collection of previously published columns. Her work also appears regularly in the U.P. Reader
The SideRoad Kids
The SideRoad Kids
The SideRoad Kids
Tales from Chippewa County
was $18.95
Save $2.00




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