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“This book turned out to be unlike any writing reference book I have read. Of the thirty-odd writing books in my collection, many have spoken to my identity as one who loves the written word, as a recovering perfectionist, as a person who thinks in rhythm and will rewrite a sentence until the rhythm is right; this is the first book on writing that has spoken to my identity as someone who is all of those things, and is a biracial woman. It was a revelation to see on paper that there are other lovers of writing out there who are thinking about that piece of their identity every day, too”

— Vanessa East, Book Geek Shelf Talkers

Sherry Quan Lee

Sherry Quan Lee, MFA, University of Minnesota; and Distinguished Alumna, North Hennepin Community College, is the editor of How Dare We! Write: a multicultural creative writing discourse. Her most recent book, Love Imagined: a mixed race memoir, was a 2015 Minnesota Book Award Finalist. Previous books include: Chinese Blackbird, a memoir in verse; How to Write a Suicide Note: serial essays that saved a woman’s life; and a chapbook, A Little Mixed Up.

Quan Lee was a selected participant for the Loft Literary Center Asian Inroads Program, and later was the Loft mentor for the same program. Previously, she was the Writer-to-Writer mentor for SASE: The Write Place, at Intermedia Arts. Also, she was the 2015-2016 Loft Literary Center’s Mentor Series poetry mentor.
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