Memories of a Mackinac Island Native [HC]

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UPC: 978-1-61599-831-9
Brand: Modern History Press
Binding: Hardcover
Edition: 1st
Author: Tom Chambers
Pages: 144
Publication Date: 07/01/2024

Synopsis: Join me on a trip to Mackinac Island's past, from the late 1940s to the present day. These are my memories of growing up on the Island, as well as some earthshaking changes that happened to affect everyone: the end of steamship visits, the building of the Mackinac Bridge, the increasing size and speed of passenger ferries, the introduction of new transportation (from 10-speeds to snowmobiles) and much more. On a more personal level, I'll share stories of how I earned my living on the Island, from house painting, cooking and bartending to delivering ferries from the factory. I'l also share my love for music and just plain having fun in rock-and-roll bands. This book includes many of my own photos that allow you to peek behind the curtains of the Jewel of the Great Lakes.

"Finally a book written about the Island, by a man who's lived here his whole life. A true, first-hand account of the history and nuances of Mackinac that cannot be found in any other tome. This is the first of what--I hope--becomes a collection." --Jason St. Onge, Mackinac native, fire chief, councilman and businessman.

"Tom Chambers' lifetime first-hand knowledge of Mackinac Island business history (especially ferries), local characters and fascinating Island lore make him a valued go-to resource for residents, as well as anyone interested in the Island. His deep family ties and experiences growing up and working on the Island always inform any discussion of Mackinac. I learn more about our beloved Island every time we speak." --Marta Olson, Mackinac Island author, Mintaka Designs.

"This is a true, born-and-raised Islander perspective. Teen years on a snowmobile (when no one knew what they were), beach parties with a guitar, bike relays with competitors that turned into friends. An avid photographer and lifelong collector of memorabilia and stories, Tom Chambers has catalogued life on Mackinac for the last 50 years and now has a story, or two, to tell." --Becki McIntire Barnwell, Islander and former co-owner of Hotel Iroquois

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