Seattle Book Review features Points North

Rosi Hollinbeck from Seattle Book Review reviews Points North:

Points North by MIkel B. Classen

Points North by MIkel B. Classen

“…Who needs cities when one can find an abundance of parks, museums, ghost towns, wilderness areas, hiking trails, rivers, lighthouses, and more. This wonderful book has forty destinations, each with a write-up of two to five pages that includes beautiful full-color photographs and a detailed accounting of what the place has to offer. When appropriate, there is also history woven in. The writing is lively and shows the passion author Mikel B. Classen has for his subject. He has been to all these places and describes them in great detail. The photos were taken by Classen, and are a great addition to the book. Every page will entice readers to hit the road and head to the north country to uncover these delightful destinations for themselves, but even if one is merely an armchair traveler, this book will be a great addition to their library. It is so well-written and designed, that it will satisfy every type of adventurer.”

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